Singapore FHM Model Jenell Ong Having Some Naughty Fun With Another Girl Leaked Nude Photos


Apparently these models are quite high profile and one was a top 15 finalist for FHM Singapore sexiest model contest. One is Singaporean model Jenell Ong and the other is still yet to be named. But we know Jenell or Jenelle is a 23 year-old model and blogger from Singapore. She was in the FHM GND 2010 top 15 and now there are naked images of her playing with another girl circulating on the Internet that were taken the same year. The photos have been exposed on local Singaporean web-forums and other websites over the past few days but taken down quite hastily. Jenell is seen fully naked in these leaked nude pictures and in some of the pics she is seen holding a sex toy near her shaved pussy while the other girl hold her bare breasts.

We cannot say where these nude pictures were taken but we can say with some certainly that the set was taken on October 8, 2010 at 10:20 AM to 1:50 PM. And from the gap in the interval between the time some of these were taken we are willing to bet there are a lot more naked photos of these girls engaging in some very intimate play where this set came from… But maybe this was only a girl-on-girl tease shoot. Jenell is the taller girl in these pictures with the mole on her left arm. Jenell is not her real name but she does model under this alias. Anyway, have fun trying to identify the other lady in these hot girl on girl photographs. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.

Jenell’s modeling pictures from her portfolio gallery, blog and web:

Jenell’s personal pictures from her Facebook, blog and web:

FHM model group picture with her second from the left:

FHM GND 2010 Models

From left to right: June Wee, Valarie Yeo, Janell Ong, Channelle Yeo, Ziyi Kuek, Krislynn Koh, Priscilla Lau, Jasmine Li, Haze Lee, Sheila Sandya, Simone Julia